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Says You!, a language trivia show

I’ve waxed and waned how much I’ve enjoyed listening to NPR-style radio shows (Car Talk, This American Life, and so on). But pretty reliably I’ve enjoyed listening to Says You!. I mostly have been able to when doing yard work or similar activities, but it’s a pleasant show that reminds me of memories of listening to BBC’s My Word! and My Music on a local NPR station in my dad’s car doing weekend errands.

I wasn’t particularly "good" at either BBC show (given they are British and largely from the 70s and early 80s and I was a child of America and the 80s) but I was often enthralled. And Says You! captures a lot of that wonderfully.

Says You! is available online various places with a rotating set of episodes. But! The Internet Archive has My Word! and My Music has a significant number of episodes available: Classic Radio - "My Word!" and Classic Radio - "My Music".