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What I Use

Hardware I use

I use a Dell Precision 5540 running Ubuntu 20.04. Even when I worked in the office most of the time—​and now working from home all the time—​I’ve never really felt comfortable using a separate keyboard or monitor, so I just use the built in keyboard (pretty decent) and display (a very good HiDPI display).

I have a Pixel 7 Pro for my phone that I also read books on—​again because the display is quite nice.

I have an original Switch and Switch OLED for additional gaming for myself and my family. (We also have a Wii, Xbox 360, GameCube, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, 3DS Lite, GBA SP2, New 3DS XL, and a few other things.)


Inside of Ubuntu, I use XFCE4 as my window manager. It seems like a good balance, for me, of tiling window managers and something more heavy weight like Gnome or KDE. Its workspace management is particularly nice.

My default terminal is xfce4-terminal. I use Neovim for my primary coding interface. My (Neo)Vim dotfiles are in my GitHub profile.

I’ve been experimenting with using Logseq for note taking/outlining since most other attempts I’ve tried have failed. I sync between my phone and computer (with a backup going to a remote location—​encrypted) using Syncthing. There are many set up guides if you search, so for now I won’t be adding more. But it has beeen working for me.

Git for version control, with Tig as my primary exploration interface. But I also use vim-fugitive for that purpose.

This site

This site is generated using Pelican. I have a custom theme I will open source that is based on the base Pelican theme and the Sakura minimal CSS framework. I plan to open source the theme once I clean it up and make it potentially reusable. I wrote a post about being able to deploy a Pelican site to a staging site.