Byron Peebles

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Programmer and so on

I am a programmer and all-around computer person by trade. Almost entirely Linux, mostly web, a touch of applications, and smidgen of Windows and macOS.

At Truth Initiative, I help build websites and other software for smoking cessation interventions and research as a Senior Software Engineer. Previously, I was a programmer at USNews & World Report where I worked on data collection, websites, and some system operations. I graduated from The College of Wooster with a BA in Computer Science after a mixture of unschooling (mostly), regular K-12, and community college at Northern Virginia Community College.

I grew up playing with Pascal, C, Forth, Scheme, and assembly. I now mostly write Python (Django and command-line tools), Javascript, and PHP. I like Git, but also wish it was different.


I have three wonderful children with my wife. We like to take walks, play Stardew Valley, do some light 3D printing, and otherwise have fun and learn.

Places I am on the Internet

Feel free to look at my blog.

Other Byrons

My name is somewhat uncommon but not hugely so. For much of my life, I saw stories about Byron Peebles, trombonist, who passed away in 2017 (brief bio).

A few other things I've written here...